Northants rockers STORMBRINGER formed in summer 2011 when founding members Jon Quantrill, Dom Wallace, Ash Smith and Darren McCullagh got together to write and create what would become the 2013 debut album ‘MMXIII’, recorded with vocalist Mike Stockley. A mix of classic rock and heavy metal with a contemporary edge saw STORMBRINGER quickly set themselves apart.

After successful years gigging including shows at Download Festival and a main stage appearance at Bloodstock Open Air Festival, inspiration and determination was high when work began on what would be STORMBRINGER’s second album. Jimi Brown replaced the vocals in the line-up and became part of the band late 2014, completing the recording of ‘Blood and Rust’, released in Oct 2015. STORMBRINGER would carry on to feature on Scuzz TV, in Metal Hammer magazine and would complete gigs, tours and shows all over the UK.

STORMBRINGER’s latest album ‘Born a Dying Breed’ is released through Attic Records on November 3rd 2017 kicking off a November / December tour. Jamie Peters joins the band on guitar completing the line-up that delivers STORMBRINGER’s all out live show. Videos for single tracks ‘Bleed For’, ‘Dying Breed’ and ‘Stick to Your Guns’ are available to watch now with merch available from our online store.


Jimi Brown – Vocals

Performance and entertainment have always been the signature of Jimi Brown’s style. From the early days cutting his teeth through to the festivals and tours Jimi has always been a true frontman, unafraid to deliver a powerful vocal with energy and intensity in his stage show to match.

Jimi became part of Stormbringer in late 2014 and was quick to make his mark writing and recording his appearance on the band’s highly rated second album ‘Blood and Rust’. The reviews and press that followed the album’s release are testament to the impact Jimi had on Stormbringer, cementing his place in the band.

The latest album, ‘Born a Dying Breed’, was the first time Jimi was able to contribute to the whole writing process and the result is a showcase of the best of Stormbringer. From the gritty vocals and lyrics to the hard hitting riffs and hooks, Jimi’s influence is clear. With the new album breaking, Jimi’s all out brand of stage presence shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Dominic Wallace – Guitars

Dom first developed a of love guitars at around the age of 14. After a good couple of years of continually listening to Hard Rock and Metal playing guitar seemed like a thoroughly logical thing to do.

After buying a Fender Stratocaster copy and old amp from a old school friend he started his journey into the world of music. As with most young kids it wasn’t long before he was in a band. ASJ was the stereotypical band set up by inexperienced kids, they were fucking terrible. After that he was given the opportunity to join another band again just a local band but with the musicians being far more proficient. This was when Dom had his first playing experience with Jon Quantrill. The band was called Scavengers Daughter and later The Calling. He stayed with the band for 7 years recording 2 ep’s.

With the band changing musical direction he decided it was time for pastures new. He left the band in 1998 and took a hiatus from band life. However he never stopped playing meeting up several times a week with different musicians just jamming and enjoying playing music.

Eventually a core group came forward and a new band Deadeye were formed. With Deadeye, Dom recorded an Album and ep. It wasn’t long before Deadeye became local heroes. Deadeye travelled the country pretty extensively gigging and having a great time. Eventually Deadeye came to a end with a “never say never” sign off. In 2007 Dom joined Viking Skull – an internationally recognized band. During his time with Viking Skull Dom recorded two full length albums and toured several times including 2 stints in the USA, one of which was opening for Clutch.

In the summer of 2011 during a Saturday afternoon down the pub with Ash who had just split up with his band, Nekkrosis, decided to form another band and Stormbringer was born.

Jamie Peters – Guitars

Jamie started playing the guitar at 14, after seeing ‘Back To The Future’ – where Michael J Fox melts his father’s brain with ‘Eruption’ by Eddie Van Halen. After years of badgering his parents Jamie got a cheap Hohner Les Paul copy for his 14th birthday. His dad said it would be a five minute wonder, 30 years later and Jamie never misses an opportunity to remind his parents how wrong they were.

Jamie learned the guitar by listening to records by AC/DC, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, in the days before YouTube it meant constantly lifting the needle and dropping it back down again, repeating it thousands of times until it sunk in . At 16 Jamie discovered Michael Schenker through the UFO live album ‘Strangers in the Night’. Schenker remains a huge influence to this day.

He has been playing in bands constantly since his late teens, everything from blues through to metal . Playing live music has been there through lots of good times and bad.

Joining Stormbringer in 2017, Jamie has enjoyed playing some great gigs up and down the country and in Europe.

Darren McCullagh – Bass

Throughout Darren’s upbringing he was always surrounded by music, with his parents blasting out Zeppelin, Floyd, Deep Purple and of course Sabbath. It didn’t take long before he became interested in musical instruments, more so the Bass Guitar. The Precise techniques of Waters & Jones and the guttural thump of Geezer Butler proving too much of a temptation. It wasn’t till the age of around 13, that Darren got his first bass guitar, a Marina Fender Precision copy. Graduating from his mum’s trusty old tennis racket.

All up and coming musicians have an idol, right? Darren’s just happened to be Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. To quote ‘it was an unhealthy obsession to try and perfect his technique’. Darren joined many school bands, rehearsing in Village halls, band members bedrooms and his Grans Barn. His first gigs in a band were played in and around Northampton with a band called the Screaming Eagles. Darren helped form numerous bands , of which usually petered out after a month or so. When not playing in bands he spent most of the time jamming and learning from anyone who could put up with the endless amount of questions and ‘show me how’s’.

Darren Joined Zoot Allures in the mid 90’s who mainly played instrumental music from the likes of Zappa, Satriani and Steve Vai. Then came the Hiatus, Kids and Marriage etc. before joining Poison Zoomak briefly. After advertising in numerous online music sites, Darren finally got a call from Dom asking if he was interested in joining a pointless side project. That project flourished to become Stormbringer. Finally meeting 4 guys that lived, breathed and believed in the same musical ideals as himself.

Jon Paul Quantrill – Drums

Jon first started playing drums in 1986 aged 12 years old. His twin brother who was already an amazing guitar player inspired him to start playing drums as he was forming a band and needed someone to take up the rhythm section. Jon finally got his mother to agree the first purchase of a Premier drum kit from a good friend for just £65.

After a year of playing The Who covers. Jon and his band called The Squad decided to write their own songs and played their first gig together in July 1987 aged 13 years old. Many years went by and now listening to Rock Music and covering just about every Ozzy Osborne and Iron Maiden song ever written the band became more professional and the line up changed. In 1991 Dom Wallace was drafted in to play guitar in the brand new band now called ScavengersZ Daughter which went on to be called The Calling. All told, Jon played in this band for nearly 17 years, and recorded singles, ep’s, and an Album with the band which was now now named AudioEinstein.

In 2004 Jon decided to call it a day with the band, and concentrated on his Music Venue/Pub he now owed. He was also a tour F.O.H sound engineer, and toured with many signed bands. He also started a small record company and signed two bands called Nekkrosis and Deadeye. This is where he tied friendships with Nekkrosis guitarist Ash Smith and also stayed in connection with his past colleague Dom Wallace who was now the guitarist for Deadeye.

Five more years went by and Jon had now sold his Music Venue and Record company, and out of the blue came a phone call from his long time friend Dom Wallace. Deadeye and Nekkrosis had split, and Dom fuelled by the need to play music asked Jon if he would join his new band, which was really just a pointless side project as Dom was now playing in Viking Skull.

Dom had also managed to draft in Ash Smith. Jon thought long and hard to see if he wanted to come out of retirement and said… NO THANKS. A few days went by, Jon thought what the hell, lets jam. Dom had already found a guy called Darren McCullagh to play Bass, and they started jamming. New good songs were written and came naturally. The new band ended up writing a full length album, the mighty STORMBRINGER was born.